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Aims in brief

1. To represent the concepts and the interests of patients who want to use anthroposophic medicine in all its forms, together with or instead of other medicines

2. To support and further the right of the individual to self-determination in health matters.

3. To cooperate with European, international and national institutions in the field on health in its broadest sense.

4. To contribute to the cultural and legal development and recognition of anthroposophic medicine in all its forms.

5. To contribute to the recognition and insertion of patients’ rights in future legislation and regulations.

6. To extend the right to reimbursement by health insurance schemes of all services and products of anthroposophic medicine in conformity with the principal of the equality of citizens.



Legislation and citizens’ rights

– To represent the views and interests of people who want to use anthroposophic medicine in all its forms, besides or instead of other forms of medicine, in particular in the light of the individual right to self-determination.

– To act as interlocutor for European, international and national institutions and to ascertain that policy makers within these institutions are kept well-informed of the wishes and needs of users of anthroposophic medicine.

– To promote the development and the cultural and legal recognition of anthroposophic medicine in all its forms.

– To promote the recognition and inclusion of the rights of users of anthroposophic medicine in all its forms in present and future national and international law.

– To promote and sustain the inclusion of all forms of anthroposophic medicine in the various national and private health insurance schemes, on the basis of equality of all citizens.


– To provide a forum for the members of the federation for the exchange of ideas, stimulation of research and other activities.

– To promote and sustain beneficial relationships (information and mutual perception) between patients and health professionals, in particular to end the discrimination of patients who have become or are threatened to become victims of their choice for non-conventional medicine and anthroposophic medicine in particular.

– To work in conjunction with existing international and national societies involved in the research and promotion of anthroposophic medicine in all its forms.

– To encourage and support the development of new patients’ associations and networks.

– To establish and maintain relations with other relevant organisations and to promote activities which further the objectives of the Federation.

Prevention, education and research

– To promote patients’ awareness and responsibility for the preservation and promotion of their own health.

– To promote concepts and practices which develop the individual and social responsibility towards health and prevention.

– To encourage research into anthroposophic medicine with all appropriate means.

– To promote knowledge of anthroposophic therapies and contribute towards their preventive and curative applications.

– To promote all aims of the Federation by all the means permissible by law.