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EFPAM in brief


To represent the concepts and the interests of patients who want to use anthroposophic medicine in all its forms, together with or instead of other medicines


October 3, 2000


associations in 16 countries

Statutory seat

Strasbourg (France)


Tribunal d’Instance de Strasbourg, Registre des Associations, vol. 79 folio no. 298

Mission Statement

Our mission is

– to help European citizens to become more aware and responsible for the quality of life and health on both personal and social levels,

– to support national patients associations for anthroposophic medicine in Europe,

– to represent them before all relevant European health and consumer authorities,

– to further self-determination, pluralism in medicine and freedom of therapy choice,

– working along and together with other patients’ and consumers’ movements and organisations in Europe.

Our basic values are

– fundamental human rights,

– dignity of man,

– responsibility of man towards nature and

– good health for all European citizens.

Our inspiration we find in an approach of medicine based on the anthroposophic concepts of man – in which man is regarded as a whole [human body, human soul and human spirit] – and in his relationship to nature and society.

The European Federation of Patients’ Association for Anthroposophic Medicine (EFPAM) was founded in 2000 and registered in Strasbourg (France) according to Alsatian law on November 27, 2001.